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Cullen Bay welcomes both local and visiting Interstate and International vessels, and has numerous berths available for short and long term rental specifically to cater for these craft. Visiting Vessels are permitted to live on board whilst in Cullen Bay for a maximum of 30 days, a privilege that is only available to vessels whose home port is outside of the Northern Territory. Please note that we do not allow Domestic Animals such as dogs or cats are not allowed to live aboard vessels in our Marina. As Cullen Bay does not allow permanent live aboards, we strongly suggest that if Vessels are intending to have crew stay on board for longer than 30 days or to permanently live aboard, that they try to organise a berth in Tipperary Waters Marina or Bayview Marina, two local marinas that allow permanent live aboards. To organise a Berth in Cullen Bay simply contact us and we will be able to provide you with availability and make a booking for you. As the berths are in great demand, all bookings must be pre-paid and we strongly suggest that you pre-book.  

Once you have organised a berth, to enter the Cullen Bay Marina as a visiting vessel you must be able to provide the lock master with four things.

1.     Firstly you must have completed in full a lock licence application and understand the rules of the Cullen Bay Marina precinct (this will be given to you on arrival to complete.)

2.    Secondly you must be able to offer a clearance from Fisheries as outlined below

3.    Thirdly you must have proof on third party insurance for your vessel for $10m AUD

4.    Interstate and International vessels must pay the one off lock fee that will cover your initial entry into Cullen Bay Marina giving you sole use of the lock. Once berthed inside the marina you may enter and exit the Marina as many times as you wish. This initial fee is valid for 12 months is you return to the Marina for additional stays    


        Max Vessel Length



       Up to and including 15m mono hull

$270.00 one off entry fee


       Up to and including 15m multi hull

$270.00 one off entry fee


       In excess of 15m mono/multi hull

$270.00 one off entry fee


       Exceeding 20m mono/multi hull

By negotiation


      Trailer boat of any length, where ramp use out is required

$40.00 per exit


      Trailer boat of any length, where ramp use out and return is required

$70.00 per exit
Resident of Cullen Bay   $35.00


A Lock licence will be given to you on arrival to complete.   This must be completed and handed to the Lock master with the rest of your paper work prior to being let through the lock.
For vessels that have tenders, you can download policy here.

Tender Policy.pdf


Marina By Laws.pdf


If you are a Foreign yacht arriving in Darwin as your first Australian Port, you must check with Customs, telephone + 61 8 8946 9999 prior to and again on arrival in Darwin for customs clearance.

If you wish to enter a Marina in Darwin you must have a fisheries clearance. All visiting boats, foreign or Australian, if been outside Australian waters in the last 12 months, may need to be inspected and/or treated for Black-striped mussel infestation before entering any marina in Darwin. The Fisheries Department must certify your boat to be free of mussels and on doing so will issue you with a clearance certificate, a document that you will have to present to the lockmaster prior to you being allowed to enter the Marina. On your arrival in Darwin, you must contact fisheries by phone on 0413 381 094 to determine if you will need an inspection. They will ask you a series of questions about your vessel and the last time it was anti fouled. If an inspection is not needed they will organise a Stat Dec for you to sign confirming what you have told them. If it is deemed that your vessel does require an inspection, they will give you a time that the divers will meet you in Cullen Bay and arrange an inspection on your behalf. Please note that this is a free service and there is no costs to the Vessel or its owners. 

Fisheries Inspection Procedures are as follows:

If you are deemed to need an inspection these can be sometimes done at anchor, however normally they are done alongside the pontoon at Cullen Bay. Contact the Lockmaster prior to you approaching Cullen Bay to confirm that he has fisheries organised. The lockmaster will direct you to come to the floating fuel and ferry docks pontoon outside the lock for the inspection, directing you where to tie up on the pontoon. 

Divers will inspect your vessel, and they will saturate
all thru-hull fittings on your boat including the engine thru-hull with a chemical solution. This solution must be kept in your system for 10 hours so during this time you must maintain dead ships with no engine, air con, sinks, toilets or any other thru hull fittings being used. You will be allowed to tie up at the Cullen Bay floating fuel and ferry dock during this period. The Inspector will then issue you with a clearance certificate which you must present to the lockmaster before going through the lock.

Click this link for more details about inspections and entry to Darwin.


A current certificate of currency for your insurance must be provided to ensure that your vessel has third party property damage insurance in the event of an unforseen accident whilst in the boundaries of the Cullen Bay Marina. Amount for Public Liability - $10m.
This can be sent prior to the Cullen Bay Marina Management Corporation either by email on
or by fax on Australia 08 89420700.


As of July 2007, a new system was introduced for visiting Vessels to Cullen Bay, being a one off fee that covers all lock movements whilst in Cullen Bay. This one off fee allows unlimited passes through the lock during your stay, allowing you to exit the lock for fuel, shake down sails and also to participate in many of the yachting social events that go on in and around Darwin. This fee must be paid prior to entering the lock. Once paid and all paperwork is received, you are ready to enter and exit the lock and enjoy all of the facilities that Cullen Bay has to offer.  


Following is a list of information that visiting vessels should find helpful in getting to understand what Cullen Bay is all about. If you do require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us direct with your enquiries.


We take our customers safety very seriously. Please therefore read and follow the guidelines below. You should familiarise yourself with the locations of safety equipment, and its operation. Marina guests should also ensure that their visitors are aware of safety considerations.

      Take care on the pontoons, especially at night do not run. Use the handrail
        on the access ramp

      Ensure that young children and non-swimmers wear life jackets when on the
        pontoons or afloat
      Please do not allow children to 'ride' in the marina trolleys
      Report any damaged or defective equipment immediately to the lockmaster
      Barbecues are not permitted on the pontoons
      Keep pontoon walkways clear of equipment
      Allow pontoon water supply to run for 30 seconds before filling your tanks
      No discharging of bilge waste is permitted within the marina

Fire drill
      Raise the alarm
      Contact the Marina Office/Lockmaster. We will call the Fire Brigade if they have not
        already been called
      Clear the area of any people who may be in danger and, in particular, those who are
        down wind of the fire
      Tackle the fire only if it is considered safe to do so
      Leave the area in an orderly manner (do not run)
      Gather at the muster points in either the inner or the outer basins

Pontoon electrical outlets

When disconnecting your vessel from shore power, remove the power socket from the power outlet first to avoid a 'live end'. Do not leave 'live' cables on the pontoons. We undertake routine inspections of electrical equipment for your safety. Please report any damage to our equipment and periodically inspect your power leads for wear and tear.

Fuel berth and fuelling

      No smoking or naked lights whilst on the fuel berth
      Engines must not be used on the fuel berth
      Mobile phones must not be used on the fuel berth
      Fuel is self serve - Need a credit or debit card with a PIN number. 
      All refuelling must take place on the fuel berth located outside the Lock

      Under no circumstance is refuelling allowed whilst inside the Marina

Speed restrictions

Please observe the NO WAKE(4knt) speed limit and do not create excessive wash within the confines of the marina. Please also take particular care when entering or leaving the lock. Overtaking other vessels in the marina is not allowed.


Swimming within the confines of the marina is strictly prohibited. Diving operations are only permitted with the express permission of the marina manager and subject to compliance with current Health and Safety legislation. In the event of diving activities being allowed, recognised dive flags must be used at all times in conjunction with a person on watch to maximise divers safety. Stinger Suits must be worn on all dives


It is a requirement of the marina's terms and conditions that all vessels berthed within the marina should maintain fully Comprehensive Insurance Cover. Commercial operators should also carry appropriate employers and Public Liability Cover. A copy of the current insurance is required to be handed to the lockmaster prior to entry into the marina.

Lock safety

Please observe the following instructions when using the marina lock:

      Brief your crew
      Only enter and exit the lock when instructed to do so
      Enter/depart at a dead slow speed
      Proceed as far forward in the lock as practicable
      Secure your vessel with bow and stern lines and springs
      Lock ladders are for emergency and staff use only

NT Government Marine Safety Guidelines


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